Spring Green and Some B&W

Spring finally arrived in Winnipeg and turned itself into summer for a few hot days. This was followed by rain, which we really needed and still do. So, like it seems to happen here, one day there are leaf buds and the next thing you know the leaves are all back. And everything is green, green, green.

So, I took some shots from my balcony, starting with the northwest view, then moving west to southwest. And I made some of them B&W, just because.


And if you’re interested:

My book, Glass Bricks, is out (since April, 2021) and now available worldwide in/through your local bookstores or from https://atbaypress.com/books/detail/glass-bricks. The digital version will be out soon.

Here’s the video of the book launch for Glass Bricks through McNally Robinson Booksellers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=D1jRf9WKn_s

Here’s a review of the book on page 34. https://prairiebooksnow.ca/pdf/42389-PbN-78-spring-2021-web.p

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