Prompt Photos

Prompt photos aren’t photos that are always on time…hmmm…but maybe they are, because they can give you ideas for stories or poems when you most need them. I often use photos I’ve taken to get ideas for pieces of writing.

Today, I’m sharing some of these photos, along with the titles of the stories they prompted. If you want to read the stories or poems that were inspired by them you can go to the Published Writing & Photos page in the menu on this website.

The feature photo, above, prompted “Unaware,” a story published at Microfiction Monday Magazine. 

The next 3 photos inspired “Three Prose Poems,” published in New Flash Fiction Review. The individual prose poems are, “Stopped On Bridge,” “Girls On Bridge,” and “Bike On Bridge.” 

“Man & Dog Crossing Street,” at Microfiction Monday Magazine, started with this photo.

“Finding Something in the Light,” can be found in The Grey Sparrow Journal.

“Taking Off,”a prose poem published by Vallum, came from the photo of geese, below.

The tiny story “Like a Crow,” was published at 50-Word Stories.

Fewer Than 500 published “Bird Number Three,” in 2020, and “Something Is Out of Place,” in 2019.

The idea for “Every Morning,” which was published at Reflex Fiction, and later in their anthology A Girl’s Guide to Fly Fishing, came from the photo below.

“A Beautiful Tree Though,” was in Shorts Magazine.

So, if you’re looking for writing ideas, you might want to start with a photo.

And, if you are interested:

Here’s the video of my book launch for Glass Bricks, through McNally Robinson Booksellers.

And here’s a review of the book. It’s on page 34.

My book is out (since April 2021) and now available worldwide in/through your local bookstores or from 

2 Replies to “Prompt Photos”

  1. These are great — my fave is the girls on the bridge and the coloured photo of the tree. Was that tree en route to dads?

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    1. Thanks. 😊 The photo of the girls on the Osborne bridge is a favorite of mine, too. The tree wasn’t near Dad’s. It was when June & Jamie & I went up to see the snake dens at Narcisse a few years ago.


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