Prairie Grasses in the Wind

Though I grew up in the Canadian Shield region of Manitoba, Canada, along the southeast side of Lake Winnipeg, I love prairie grasses.

Maybe it’s because I remember visiting my Mom’s family in the southern prairie region of the province when I was a child. Or because, when I was young, we lived in southern Saskatchewan for a couple of years. Or because I’ve now lived in Winnipeg, a prairie city, for so long.

In early October, I was happy to walk with a friend, and her dog, around the fields near her home in Headingley, Manitoba, and take lots of photos.

Here are some shots of prairie grasses in the wind.


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2 Replies to “Prairie Grasses in the Wind”

  1. You’ve captured some nice shots of wind swept grasses. I like playing with light in the grasses as well. Will post to fb soon a few I captured last weekend.

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