Beauty Behind an Auto Body Shop

You can find beauty anywhere, if you look for it.

As you know, I like a back lane. I was out riding my bicycle down one, in an area of Winnipeg where I used to live, when I had to stop because a truck was blocking the way.

While I waited, I realized I was behind an auto body shop. I also saw a splash of beauty along the edge of the lane—plants, some short and squat, some tall and spindly.

I ride with my tiny camera dangling from my wrist, so I can stop and get shots when something catches my eye. So, I took shots.


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7 Replies to “Beauty Behind an Auto Body Shop”

  1. Hello louella,
    The images you present us here I like very well, I especially like the contrast of color and b&w.
    I have opened a new blog – photo roberts blog 2 – since the other is soon full 97.7%, the link to the new have left in my new posts.
    many greetings robert


      1. hey louella, you follow me on my blog which is soon 97.7% full, on my new photo roberts blog 2 not yet. i look forward if you would also fly this.
        many greetings robert


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