Trees and Street Construction

We all know how irritating street construction can be. Traffic jams. Dirt and dust. Noise. The smell of asphalt. Tar stuck on your shoes.

But, as a walker and cyclist, I was happy when they started fixing up the street near my place. This area has a lot of pedestrian and bike traffic, and it was really needed.

The sidewalks were in pretty bad shape in some spots, especially horrible during the spring freeze-thaw period when you had to wade puddles, maneuver through the slush, or slip on uneven ice. And the potholes and rough pavement along the street curbs made it dangerous to cycle, because car drivers don’t always realize that cyclist can’t always ride safely closer to the edge of the street.

I was also pleased that they put boards around the lower trunks of the trees. Those poor trees have had a tough time of it lately, with the drought last year and the late spring this year, Dutch elm disease, and various pests. So many of them have already died or have been marked for removal. The remaining healthy ones need all the help they can get.

Here are some shots of the street, sidewalks, and the trees.

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