Snow Paintings

Things are pretty hectic for me right now, helping my elderly parents, so I’m going to keep the blog posts simple this month. These photos were taken right after the early snowstorm in October, in Winnipeg. When I started selecting and editing them they felt like paintings to me. Enjoy!

Version 2







Version 2


6 Replies to “Snow Paintings”

  1. We haven’t had any snow here yet so it is lovely to enjoy yours vicariously through your lovely “paintings.” I especially like the one with the house: a perfect composition and that window is so evocative of childhood memories lying in window seats looking out at snow.

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    1. Thanks. That house is across the river from my writing desk window and I see it every day. I often wonder who looks out those windows. When I was a kid we had a small “French Window” that wasn’t really a window seat, but when it was open a small girl could fit there and sit reading a book.

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