Snow Blobs

It’s a bit odd, because as I sit at the coffee shop writing this post about blobs of snow, on a rare break from helping my elderly parents this month, there is no snow on the ground. (Of course it has snowed again since I wrote this.) That early October snow, that resulted in these photos, has pretty much all melted. Outside the window there are dead leaves, grey-brown dirt, bits of wrappers, and cigarette butts. Cars and people are zipping past, rushing off to work or running errands. So, I find it pleasant and relaxing to look at photos of trees covered in pristine white blobs.

When I walked about taking them it was incredibly quiet, the way it always is after a storm. Sound was muffled by the clinging snow, like on the delicate branches of the deciduous tree in the featured photo above and the one just below.



The thick branches and needles of the older coniferous trees could hold more snow that, as the temperatures warmed, started to slide and droop into fat-fingered cartoon-blob hands.





Snow was piled up on shrubs and I couldn’t help but think that rabbits or mice might be sheltered underneath—warm and safe. They reminded me of the snow forts, cozy dens really, we sometimes built by piling snow onto downed branches in the woods when I was a child.




In this final photo, the blobs look more like ropes. Either way I love how the snow drapes down along the drooping branches.


8 Replies to “Snow Blobs”

  1. Love it ! So beautiful and peaceful. Remember that it is exotic for me… It seldom snows here ( it does in a lot of places in France but not Nantes)… When it snows here everything is paralised, no cars, no buses, one snowplow for the whole state/ district . Children love it . I remember my eldest running out one snowy morning and singing in the garden a little ” It is snowing, it is snowing” lullaby. My youngest and I had a wonderful walk the last time it snowed instead of going to school where no one came. If you are lucky, you can see a city guy standing at the back of a truck, trying to keep his balance, shoveling little hips of sand and salt through the streets, not too convinsed of his efficiency. So thanks… Can I give your blog to a friend who speaks english and writtes poetries ?

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