Hanging Out In a Mall Parking Lot


I was cycling across a mundane shopping mall parking lot when I spotted a bunch of gulls. My first thought was about the possibility of rain. My second thought was about why I didn’t have my camera with me, but I did have my phone and I can shoot a panorama with it. So I did.

The photo (featured above) turned into a story about a mall security guy—he’s outside while on his break, having a cigarette, and contemplating what seems to be such a boring life that he leads.

Some of my more recent photos of gulls (seen below) are in silver-tone, which is becoming a favourite tone for certain shots.




There’s something about the satisfied look on the face of a plump gull. I don’t think they’re lacking in self-confidence—they’re in charge of things. But then I have always been the type who personifies things and animals (though I’m not into putting clothing on cats or anything like that).




The gulls have quite a view from up there, one we can only get through the eyes of drones (and that doesn’t seem very romantic).

Now, I wonder what those birds think about the security guard? Or me, for that matter?







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