Wildflowers In Dad’s Yard

What the heck? I just feel like looking at photos of wildflowers in Dad’s yard. So, that’s what we’ll do here. Sometimes we don’t need any deep meaningful thoughts—we just need to enjoy the wildflowers

Brown-eyed Susans (featured above) are a favourite. They pop up here and there—next thing you know, they’re everywhere. Dad often cuts around them when he mows the lawn, but it’s difficult to miss them all.

The Susans below, along with some other flowers and grasses, have found a safe spot up against the old barn.



Speaking of Dad, you can see a bit of him in the following photo of clover (a photo that I had a little fun editing for contrast, etc). Dad loves taking people on tours of the yard. I’ve been on many tours. In the spring and summer, we’ll discuss wood ticks, mosquitoes and bees (how many or few of them). He’ll point out how much certain trees have grown or if any have died. And of course we’ll talk about the flowers. Here, he’s carrying a pail (I think it was for the saskatoon berries he picked along the edge of the field) as we wander about.



Below is another photo of clover, but in this shot you can see Cloudy the Earless Cat (who has sadly passed onto the field in the sky). She’s blending in with the old hay bales in the upper righthand corner. I’ll talk more about her when I do a cat blog post in the near future.



I feel good for having looked at these wildflowers, today. In fact, I wrote the first draft of a poem just now, though it has nothing to do with flowers, but that’s okay.

I hope these flowers also make you feel better or inspire you to write a poem. Perhaps they’ll help send you out the door with your camera. Or maybe they can be an prelude to a nap.





4 Replies to “Wildflowers In Dad’s Yard”

  1. Lovely pictures, Louella. The Brown-eyed Susans brought back memories of my grandmother teaching us the names of wildflowers. That was always one of my favorites. Thanks for the trip down memory lane 🙂

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  2. Watching the wildflowers arrive always made me happy. All the years I lived in rural Manitoba, they lifted my spirits with their resilience.

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