Flowers and Books

Two things that my mom loved were flowers and books. Mom passed away a few weeks ago, so I’m posting photos of some of her favourites. And a nest of robin’s eggs, just because she liked that, too.

She always had pansies, seen in the feature photo above, in her yard. And marigolds. And peonies.


She loved the wildflowers out at her and Dad’s last home. Roses, lilies and brown-eyed Susans.


There were tulips and poppies, too.


When Mom went into the care home she asked me to take a photo of her bookshelf at the house. She put it on the wall so she could see it from her bed. 



When I visited, I would take her books and show her photos of little libraries and my bookshelves.


I’d take her many different photos that I took of flowers, plants, and animals. Some she would post on her bulletin board or send out as postcards, to friends and family.


This photo of a rabbit hiding behind some flowers, at the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg, was her favourite.



Mom is at peace now, with all the flowers and books she could ever want.



19 Replies to “Flowers and Books”

    1. Yes. She donated a bunch of books to the care-home activity room library. I asked the woman in charge if we could put a plaque or something with her name by the shelf. She made a framed certificate that I’m going to see on Thursday. Mom would like that.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your memories of your Mom, Louella. My Ma loved recipes. She died in 2009, a few months after my Dad passed away, but I still feel like I’m sharing a recipe with her when I post in my blog.
    I guess our mothers were also our muses.

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