Trees in Winter Fog

There’s something about fog, especially when it’s combined with trees north of Winnipeg in the middle of winter, that just makes everything better.

I’m not a big fan of winter. I don’t like bitter north winds and the way they fog my glasses. I don’t like having to bundle up or the time it takes to bundle up to get out the door. I don’t like trudging through snow and muck to do mundane daily tasks. I don’t like the mess of safety sand by the door of my apartment building and the way it gets tracked in on boots all the way up to my living room. I hate stepping on little pebbles in the middle of the night when I go to get a glass of water in the dark. You get the idea and you might also wonder why I’m living in Winnipeg. I can’t help it—I like this city.

Winnipeg is known for cold long winters. Everyone in Canada makes comments and jokes about it, calling us Winterpeg, etc. But this winter, though we’ve had some cold days, we’ve been lucky enough to have some unusually warm winter weather. And that means fog.

IMG_8267 2


Fog smoothes out the scenery.


It comes with hoar frost that dresses up the naked winter tree branches.

IMG_8257 2


It softens the sun.



It takes off the rough edges, so even this cop car can’t hinder the beauty of the trees on the other side.



Fog knows how to blend right in.


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