Houses With Personality

When it comes to houses, or people for that matter, I’m attracted to personality, humour and a glint in the eye…uh…window. I don’t care about expensive price tags, fashionable exteriors, or the type of neighbourhood. But I do like interesting shapes, quirky details, and a mix of colour. While I’m wandering on foot or riding my bike about Winnipeg, those are the houses that catch my eye—that force me to stop and take a second look. Sometimes I have to backup and snap a photo, too.

The triangular house featured above, and the one below, seem so strong and solid as they squat among the trees.



Combinations of garden plants and flowers are always a good way to dress up a house. The riot of colour sure works here.



And who wouldn’t notice the way the house below seems to have grown some hair?



Then there are those little balconies, underneath peaked roofs, that cannot be ignored.





Old brick houses seem so safe and secure.



I always applaud bold colour choices.





This house resembles a rowboat standing on end. And I like the orange door, too.



And what about the eye-catching details on the two beauties below?




Somehow, when I’m attracted to a house, I know there’s a pretty good chance I’ll like the people who built it or made the choice to live in it. They must also have the creativity and humour that I love—the personality.

12 Replies to “Houses With Personality”

  1. Houses are a good part of the reason I love San Francisco The colourful Vics We took a tour & the guide pointed out something I hadn’t clicked on. A lot of them had street level garages even though when they were built there were stables at the end of the street for the horses & carriages. The houses were built with grand staircases that have now been removed to provide parking . Love your pix!!

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  2. Another great post, Louella. I love how you take everyday objects that many people don’t even pay attention to and approach them with a fresh point of view.

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    1. I agree. But it is a shame that many old ones are being knocked down in my area and replaced with cheaply built and uninspiring condos. I don’t mind modern if it is well done, but many are not.


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