Links To Things I Like

Above is a photo I took of the entrance way to Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg.

Below are just a few sites I like. I’ll add more as I go (as I remember or as I find new things).

Transactions with Beauty – Shawna Lemay creates wonderful themes, posts her beautiful photos and shares a variety of fitting poetry snippets.

Kimmy Beach, writer and editor. She’s a great poet/writer and she’s also funny, warm and caring. She evaluates manuscripts and works with both emerging and established writers. Checkout her site.

Iain Sarjeant – I love his magical photos of commonplace scenes.

Dawn Surratt – gorgeous photography.

Icarus Owen – beautiful wildlife, landscape and nature photos.

Locomotives of Bienfait – In their retirement, my friends Heather Mackenzie & Bill Fraser made a video about old train locomotives in Saskatchewan. And, by the way, they are now working on some new projects, one involving the Salt Flats in Utah.

small boxes is my friend Conni Cartlidge’s blog about her life and experiences as a woman. Great stories.

Wunderkamera is Elizabeth Yeoman’s site, filled with intriguing Wordless Wednesday shots.

Exploring Colour is a blog by Liz from New Zealand with some beautiful photos and words. There are great guest posts, too.