The Adventures of Plump Cow – Season 1 – by Louella Lester

This is the first season in a series of graphic stories, which I photographed and wrote starting in 2015 or so.

I serialized each season of adventures by creating daily posts on Facebook.

They developed a bit of a following, haha, and a few weeks ago I decided to put them together as blog posts on this website.

Enjoy Season 1!

Plump Cow was getting a bit bored with her life  on top of the bookshelf. “I need an adventure,” she said. Then she jumped up onto the star-shaped lamp. Things were starting to brighten up.

It was a soft landing onto the chair beside the window. Plump Cow thought it was a good decision, much better than her first thought which was to jump onto the TV. “Oh my, what a lovely view,” she said, looking out the window through the blind slats. But before she knew it she was drifting off. Cows love naps.

Plump Cow woke up and stretched, shaking off her nap. She was feeling a little peckish and thought she might have been imagining the smell of plant life. “What shall I do,” she said. Then she saw it, a plant pot holding an orchid. She had no interest in the orchid, but the damp mossy stuff in the pot had promise. Plump Cow hopped up, as much as a plump cow can hop, onto the fancy table thingy.

After a satisfying meal Plump Cow made her way to the balcony door. For years she had watched that door swing open and shut. She was nervous, but today was going to be the day that she got up the courage to trot out into a much bigger world.

The sun was shining and Plump Cow had to blink before she could see anything. All around her were the cement walls of the balcony enclosure. She decided she would have to go up on the ledge to get a better view. Plump cow leaned back on her hind legs, rocked back a few times, then swooped up, landing just along the edge. Something in the corner caught her eye. “What the hell is an owl doing here?” said Plump Cow. Where did she pick up language like that?

After establishing that the owl was not going to move, probably because it was daytime and she was sleeping (though the open eyes confused the issue), Plump Cow decided to skip over the owl area and make her way to the open edge of the balcony. “Oh my God, this isn’t going to work, we’re four floors up! I’d be smashed to bits when I landed down there.” She felt dizzy and her stomach was turning. She backed away. “This ain’t no Hitchcock film and I don’t have Cary Grant with me.”

With her legs still wobbling a bit, Plump Cow made her way back into the apartment. “I might not be cut out for big adventure outside.” She jumped up onto the desk and looked at the computer. “Maybe it would be easier to write adventure stories…no I’m much too lazy for that.”

Plump Cow veered into the kitchen and made her way to the stove. She thought maybe she could take up cooking. But someone had just turned off one of the elements and it was a little too hot for comfort up there.

The kitchen sink was a good place to cool down. But it wasn’t long before Plump Cow noticed a light behind her.

The light was the sun coming across the apartment and reflecting from the door leading to the hall. Would Plump Cow be able to get it open?

Plump Cow jumped up and down, up and down, but she couldn’t get that stupid chain off the door. She was sweating and felt very stressed. I need a nice long bath to help me relax, she thought.

It was time for Plump Cow to…..oh come on……give her a little privacy, eh?!

At first Plump Cow thought that it was some sort of tele-porter device, but nothing much happened when she stepped onto it. “This thing is useless,” she said. Then she walked away.

“Who is that good looking cow?” Plump Cow stared in the mirror. “Oh! It’s me!”

Plump Cow was so excited after seeing her reflection, that she hopped onto the trunk and tumbled into the laundry basket. “Well, now I feel a little stupid.”

“Phew! That room was a minefield,” said Plump Cow, after she had squeezed her way through a space in the plastic laundry basket and made her way back to the living room couch. She lay down and rolled over, scratching her back like a cat.

While lying on the couch Plump Cow looked up and saw some beautiful colours. They were part of the fancy lamp. “I’m going up there.” She shimmied up the lamp pole, not thinking about the danger.

(WARNING: Sensitive readers may want to look away. This was an accident during the photography phase, totally unintentional.) 

Suddenly, Plump Cow was tumbling down. Lucky for her she landed on the couch before she bounced to the floor. “Ouch! Ouch, that hurt!”

The soothing blue light helped Plump Cow relax while the glue set her ear and horn back into place. “Soon, soon, soon…” She repeated her mantra.

Plump Cow was back in her usual spot. “From this angle you can’t even tell you’ve been glued together,” said Swimmer Face, “Don’t let this stop you.” Plump Cow looked down and winked. “I’m just going to rest and regroup. Nothing will stop me.”

The End

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4 Replies to “The Adventures of Plump Cow – Season 1 – by Louella Lester”

  1. Love Plump Cow’s story, and the photos. And thanks for the trigger warning about the pending injury, too! Yikes, good to be prepared ~Thank goodness for glue, and Swimmer Face, too. Delightfully creative, felt like I was watching a clay animation movie ~ Plump Cow is quite charming and fun ~

    Liked by 1 person

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