February Sky and Trees

Like I’ve said before, at this time of the year, after a few months of snowy cold days with fewer hours of daylight, I’m ready for spring.

There are things I like about February, though, no matter the temperatures. The angle of the sun changes and the sun feels warmer. The amount of daylight time increases.

The sky looks different in February. It’s hard to explain exactly what it is, but it shows up and lets you know spring is coming. The clouds change shape. The colour of the sky is different. And the sun seems happier.

The changes in the sky, or just the fact that I’m looking upwards more often, makes the shape of the trees more noticeable. I also want to get lots of photos of the old elms in Winnipeg, before Dutch elm disease takes them all away.

Here are some photos of the February sky and trees in Winnipeg.


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