Frosty Trees

Winnipeg was in a classic winter wonderland situation in late December and early January, with lots of rime frost on everything, especially trees.

Rime frost forms when it’s well below freezing and there is fog. The water vapour turns into liquid water droplets that then freeze onto branches and other things.

Hoarfrost is different, it forms through sublimation (water vapour crystallizes directly to solid form, without turning to liquid first) on clear nights when the dew point is at the freezing point.

If you look at closeup photos they look different. Hoarfrost usually disappears later in the day, while rime frost lasts much longer.

So, here are some photos of rime frosty trees in Winnipeg.

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6 Replies to “Frosty Trees”

  1. Wonderful post Louella! Third photo up from the bottom, the colour intrigues me.. is that shade of blue (perhaps teal?) the result of being colour-edited after taking the shot? Just curious.

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    1. The other blue shots are natural. I don’t usually edit too much. But that teal coloured one is just using the dramatic warm filter. Just for something different. I like the dramatic warm look sometimes because it reminds me of old Polaroid type photos. My next blog (on the 30th) is going to have a bit more editing with exposure and contrast. 😊

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  2. Beautiful, Louella! And interesting. I enjoyed seeing and learning about another side of fog, which we have a lot of and which many locals here call Karl, Karl the Fog. But I have never seen it frozen. In addition to the beauty of rime frost, I’m also in awe of the beauty of these trees in your photos, and how they survive, perhaps even thrive covered in frost. Thanks for this post!

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    1. Thanks. Fog in all its forms is great. It makes it easy to take great shots. It smooths things over. For a prairie city we have some lovely trees here, many elms that were planted more than 100 years ago and thrived along the multiple rivers in Winnipeg. The problem is that Dutch Elm disease struck here a number of years back and they are dying like crazy and the government has been slow at planting new types of trees. It’s really sad, not just losing the beauty of them, but with the increasing summer heat we need the shade, etc. When I ride my bicycle about the city I really notice the difference.

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  3. I learned something new, thanks to you. I did not know the difference between hoarfrost and rime frost. Thanks for the clear explanation and the beautiful pictures, Louella.

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