Trees With Good Bones

I often look up when I’m walking, especially when I’m around trees.

Especially in the summer when you can see light through and between the leaves.

Especially when the trees have good bones holding up those leaves.


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4 Replies to “Trees With Good Bones”

  1. I love trees. I’m a tree hugger. I was just thinking what the world needs more of are trees. A tree here, a tree there … trees everywhere! In my hometown, you can drive through a neighborhood and not find one tree or even a blade of grass. The wealthier neighborhoods are still nicely landscaped but most people can’t afford to water their yards.

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    1. Yes, we do need more trees. And I agree about neighbourhood. Winnipeg always had lots of trees, but Dutch Elm Disease struck and other things. Also very hot dry summers. Lots of the trees have had to be cut down. They don’t replace them as fast as they should.

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