Window Sky

I was sitting reading, in a chair facing the window, when I looked up. The blue sky and cumulus clouds looked so beautiful I thought I should share.

I took a photo every five minutes or so to show you how the sky changed.

My book, Glass Bricks, is out (since April, 2021) and now available worldwide in/through your local bookstores or from The digital version is available if you email the publisher. 

And if you go to the Published Writing & Photos page (in the menu) you can find out more about it, watch my launch, read a review, and listen to a radio interview. You can also read my writing/see my photos that were published in journals, etc.

4 Replies to “Window Sky”

  1. Interesting idea. Like the color versus black and white mediums. The blinds being down, what were you hoping to achieve as opposed to them being up? Just curious!

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    1. 😊 I wasn’t really trying to achieve anything, I just like how the lines of the blinds looked. I would not have taken the photos through the window without the blinds because that would have looked better if I just went on the balcony and took photos, without the dirty windows in the way. 😆


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