My Favourite Lamp

I don’t even want to discuss the weather we had in March and April, in Winnipeg, except to say I decided it was easier to take some photos indoors. I used those photos to setup my May blog posts, in advance.

I’m hoping as you are reading this, the weather has improved.

So, enjoy my favourite lamp.

My book, Glass Bricks, is out (since April, 2021) and now available worldwide in/through your local bookstores or from The digital version will be out soon.

And if you go to the Published Writing & Photos page (in the menu) you can find out more about it, watch my launch, read a review, and listen to a radio interview. You can also read my writing/see my photos that were published in journals, etc.

4 Replies to “My Favourite Lamp”

  1. You do a fine blog Louella! I’ve just tweeted a link to this post with intro, “Louella Lester finds beauty and interest in what are often just simple things or situations. It’s just that she really looks, which is why I love her blog” + a heart emoticon 🙂 And I really do love your blog.. hope the weather improves for you very soon!

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  2. Hi Louella, I love this lamp! It’s almost like a colourful flower spreading light even when it’s not turned on. I hope you’re doing well. Let me know if you have time for a phone call this week. Joan

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