This Will Melt

When Winnipeg has the most snowfall it’s had in years, the snow piles up a bit. It also takes time to melt away.

I took these photos right at the end of February, before temperatures started to warm up a bit.

It’s now mid-March, so some of the snow has disappeared, but it’ll be while before grass is growing.

So enjoy this, if you live in warmer climes. If you live here, remember that it will eventually melt away. It always does and soon we’ll be complaining that it’s too hot. That’s Winnipeg. Ha, ha.

A few blocks from home.
Sometimes it’s easier to walk on the street, rather than the sidewalk.
At night you hear the roar and backing-up beeps of snow clearing equipment.
Once the sidewalk plows finally come, you can shift back. But beware of what the dogs leave behind (not pictured here).
You can hardly see this car.
Heading up to the bridge sidewalk.
Looking back once I’m on the bridge.

At least it was a sunny day.

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6 Replies to “This Will Melt”

  1. Excellent pictures with the snow piles, the various contrasts of shadow, and of course, the dirt. You’re right the snow will melt and we will be complaining about the heat and those horrid mosquitoes and other pests.

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  2. looks like week may the beginning of the end for the snow. a week of plus 0 temps. i really like the photo of the two women on the sidewalk with your shadow.

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