Up & Down Some Streets

We’ve had a long cold snowy winter in Winnipeg, this year. Some will say that we always have that in Winnipeg, but we have had more snow than we have over the past few years and more super cold days.

Though I dress for the weather, it’s still hard to feel enthusiastic about taking photos when your glasses are fogged up and your camera finger is numb. But, on a less cold day, I went wandering up and down some streets, not too far from home.

Here are the results.

I’ve taken shots of this house before. I love it.

A beautiful old building that I always enjoy looking at, anytime of the year.

These old buildings have been painted recently. I like the look.

I’ve taken photos of this old mosaic tile, on the side of a paint store, many times because I like it.

The last photo of the day because my old camera battery died in the cold.

Hopefully the weather will warm up soon, but unfortunately they are predicting spring flooding because of all of the snow.

My book, Glass Bricks, is out (since April, 2021) and now available worldwide in/through your local bookstores or from https://atbaypress.com/books/detail/glass-bricks. The digital version will be out soon. If you go to the Published Writing & Photos page (in the menu) you can find out more about it, watch my launch, read a review, and listen to a radio interview. You can also read my writing/see my photos that were published in journals, etc.

4 Replies to “Up & Down Some Streets”

  1. I don’t think I realized what beautiful bldg I was surrounded by in Wpg when I lived there. But maybe they never were as great as your photos are! 💚 My long day begins!! Since masks are gone tomorrow we did a ton of errands yesterday and I am pooped. W

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    1. There are so many. Over the last few years a lot of them are being torn down and replaced by rather boring box condo or rental apartments. Once they disappear you can forget what was there. But I have photos 😊


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