On the Blue Table

When the weather is cold, and I don’t feel like going outside, I sometimes take photos indoors.

For today, I gathered up some vegetables and a few raspberries, and then took a few shots.

I liked the shapes and bright colours, but also the black and white versions & the silver tone versions.


My book, Glass Bricks, is out (since April, 2021) and now available worldwide in/through your local bookstores or from https://atbaypress.com/books/detail/glass-bricks. The digital version will be out soon. If you go to the Published Writing & Photos page (in the menu) you can find out more about it, watch my launch, read a review, and listen to a radio interview. You can also read my writing/see my photos that were published in journals, etc.

10 Replies to “On the Blue Table”

  1. Louella, these photographs are wonderful. The colours are striking, yet I also find the monochromatic images appealing. You should try watermelon 🍉. Michelle M.

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  2. The red and the blue/turquoise make a great picture. Cold and miserable here. Chinook yesterday so it will be so icy today. Glad I am not driving into office. Long day ahead back to work. Have a great day! 💚

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