From the Ground Up

While walking in my neighbourhood, in Winnipeg, I decided to hold my little camera down low and take shots from the ground’s point of view.

Take a look!

And if you’re interested:

My book, Glass Bricks, is out (since April, 2021) and now available worldwide in/through your local bookstores or from The digital version will be out soon.

Here’s the video of the book launch for Glass Bricks through McNally Robinson Booksellers.

Here’s a review of the book on page 34.

6 Replies to “From the Ground Up”

  1. You have got the photographic style of my college photography instructor. She would send us out on assignments to take pictures of a leaf, or a stop sign … or a crack in the sidewalk.

    “Any object,” she told us, “can be captured artfully if you are able to picture it first in your mind. Anyone can take a photo, but art requires an innate skill.”

    (I checked Amazon, and the description said Paperback: 128 pages, April 21, 2021.)

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    1. Thanks. I agree with you instructor, I like to say that my eye catching something interesting is the most important thing. I just use a simple little camera and I don’t edit much. Amazon had finally changed their info on my book, but they still say it’s out of stock. I’m hoping they soon get it in. My publisher is having a sale on all of their books Until November 22. 50% off if ordered from them directly. I think would cover delivery costs. 😊 The book has some of my photos in it, but that’s not the main topic.


  2. Intriguing perspective. I can imagine you in the prone position taking those snapshots. Are you entitling this particular setting: Re-leaf, Leaf well enough alone, or leaf now the puns are terrible?
    I like the way you angle your camera to capture the perspective.

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