The Start of Fall

In late September I went riding my bike, stopping along the way to look up and take photos of the trees with their leaves starting to turn into fall colours. I appreciate the tree canopy shade as I ride on hot days in Winnipeg. And I know the canopy helps the environment in my neighbourhood in many ways.

In the past few years I have been particularly aware of the trees because so many of them are being cut down. Dutch Elm Disease. Emerald Ash Borer. Etc. This summer, along one block on my street I counted nine empty spots or stumps. I worry as our city grows hotter each year.

We need trees and I want to make sure I enjoy them while they are still here.

And if you are interested:

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Here’s the video of the book launch for Glass Bricks through McNally Robinson Booksellers.

Here’s a review of the book on page 34.

6 Replies to “The Start of Fall”

  1. wonderful shots. i like seeing the colour and black and white one after the other. very effective. the full beauty of a elm is only on full display once the leaves between to fall. if only we could see the roots! but seeing them with bare branches in the summer is truly disheartening. after our dry summer i have seen a few trees that were planted by the city to replace elms that may not have survived. there are city water trucks that go around to water new trees but some of the care is the responsibly of home owners.

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