Side by Side

I enjoy looking at old buildings next to new ones, even if I don’t really like the new building’s design. I want to see how the old ones, often dwarfed alongside the new, hold up.

This old apartment building on Assiniboine Ave in Winnipeg, backed by the Assiniboine River, seems to have been spruced up a bit, certainly the walkway between the buildings has been. 

The upgraded side entrances, on the old building, are welcoming.

And I love the minimal look and the angles around these windows.

I’m guessing the tenants on the west side of the old building miss their view, but maybe don’t mind being shaded by the tall new structure during heatwaves.

Below are photos of the back of the old building. The trees along the river provide some much needed shade. I know I appreciated standing there on a hot summer day.

And if you’re interested:

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