The House Across the River

My writing desk is beside my balcony window and the door that opens out to that balcony. Every time I take a break and look up, or when I open the door for some air, I see the view beyond it. And this includes the house directly across the river.

I sometimes wonder who lives in that house I could never afford—I wouldn’t want to live there, wouldn’t want to do all that housework or yard work. But I love to look at it and take photos of it. What would the people who live there think if they saw the photos? Would they be proud? Happy the house is appreciated? Suspicious of the person watching their house? Would they look back across the river at my apartment building and wonder? 

I’ve taken photos in all seasons and all types of weather. Up above is a blurry summer shot of the house seen through rain dripping from my balcony rail. Below is an early morning, early spring, big-sky shot.

Early spring rain on balcony rails.

Spring and summer storms brewing.

Summer fog.

Autumn colours and light.

An October snow storm.

November roof repairs.

Frosty trees in early winter.

Fluffy snow on the balcony rail.

Falling snow.

Waiting for spring.

Before you go I wanted to mention that I will be reading from my new book at 2 different online Zoom events. If you are interested in attending the info is below:

  • Wednesday, April 14th at 7pm (Winnipeg time – CDT or UTC – 05) Manitoba Writers Guild Louella Lester Book Chat reading with Q&A – followed by an open mic (Zoom). To register email

My book is out and now available worldwide in/through your local bookstores or from Official publication date is April 27, 2021.

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