Beauty With a Bit of Grit

When I’m out wandering and looking for photo opportunities I’m not just looking for beauty—I’m looking for something I haven’t seen or noticed before. And if I find something that combines beauty and grit, so much the better. 

Oh, and by the way, this holds true for writing. Nothing better than combining beauty and grit in a story. In some of my stories and poems I try to do that. You can check out a few by tapping Menu above, then Published Writing & Photos, and then selecting a link.

Take a small, slightly deflated, and dirt-flecked basketball nestled into the melting snow. Add a fence that’s lost some of its paint, a little branch waiting for spring, and sunlight to create a shadow. You get beauty with a bit of grit.

Zoom in a little, try dramatic colour tones or black & white.

Zoom in closer and try it in silvertone, too.

Keep walking and find a mundane, what I call Monopoly game piece, apartment building. Notice the stairs through the condensation-dirt-streaked windows and the reflections.

And, a little further down the block, repeat.


7 Replies to “Beauty With a Bit of Grit”

  1. Congrats re the book Louella, I retweeted your tweet and added a link to this post (I love this post btw). I think I’d like to get the book, I bet you’ve woven a great yarn and I don’t want to miss out!

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    1. Thank you Liz! I hardly ever go on Twitter. I find it a bit overwhelming. But I’m on FB & IG. The book in actually creative-nonfiction. Kind of quirky. Publishing date is April 27. My publisher told me about distribution all over the world, but I’ll have to ask him about NZ. Im talking to him tonight, so I can let you know. Thanks for your support 😊

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  2. The second photo of the basketball, in black and white, is more intriguing than the color. The B&W enhances the textures and the grains in the fence. The color in the second reflective picture enhances the scene. Good insight.
    Very enjoyable

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      1. an almost ghostly beingness on the part of that wee basketball–it looks like a miniature one?–seems enhanced in the black and white versions!

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