Fresh Treads

When you get used to things, you sometimes stop noticing them. But carrying a camera keeps you alert and open to seeing common things in a different way.

If you live in Winnipeg, Canada, in the winter, you can get tired of the cold and snow. You’ll likely be forgiven for not noticing its interesting shapes, or beauty, when your face is burrowed deep into your hood and scarf.

Or you might notice, but hesitate to take your hand out of your mitt in order to click a photo. Though it can be worth it.

I got out after our first bigger snowfall this winter and decided the parking lot near my apartment building deserved some notice.

I’m not sure if this dotty black trail is from a car’s leaky oil pan or just built-up condensation dripping from its tailpipe.

People and dogs have joined the tire tracks along here.

If you look closely you might even be able to figure out the type of boot that someone is wearing.

But I can’t at all figure out what caused this.

14 Replies to “Fresh Treads”

  1. That’s right! In a familiar place you don’t always see it’s beauty specially on the cold winter. Photographying shows the beauty to you. It makes it more real…
    However, this pandemic have kild my admiring or enjoying the environment cause I’m only focusing to observe the movements of people. Like is there someone coming on my way or coughing. Also I move a lot less than before…

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