9 Replies to “Light in the Kitchen”

  1. That’s rare. I can remember only one apartment where is no windows at kitchen (the one of my customers home -I’m personal care taker-).
    If there’s no windows in kitchen then the kitchen is usually on the same space with living room, like in our previous home…(but I’m Finnish, don’t know if there’s difference…)

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    1. This kitchen is its own small room. Luckily one of its doorways faces a window that is in the dining area (which I use as an office) I don’t like cooking so I try not spend too much time in the kitchen. 😆


      1. So it’s kitchenette. My childhood home had it also and there weren’t actual window but there were anyway an interior window which was on the same line with the actual window so the light got in with it.

        I do like cooking but what I don’t like is the dishing which the cooking also includes. That often makes me avoid starting to cook if I now I have to make dishing first.

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  2. I like the first photo with the different contrasts, lines and images. Make sure you go out today with the first major snow (Dec 21 and 22) I am sure you’ll find some interesting stuff. Looking forward to seeing your work if you do snow scenes.

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    1. Thanks😊. I went out early this morning and got a few snow shots. I might use them for my next blog on Jan. 4th. But I’m sure I’ll post some sooner on Instagram or Facebook so if you are on either of those you can check that out. Both are just under my name. I post tons of photos that never make it to the blogs.😆


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