Soaked and Dried

There are four rivers, lined with thousands of trees, that flow through Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They often flood in the spring and also swell during heavy summer rains. There’s a walkway, near the city centre, that takes you along the Assiniboine River to where it joins the Red River at what is called The Forks. The flooding is not as bad as it once was because we now have the large Red River Floodway that diverts water as needed. There are other projects that have helped, too. Even so, the water gets high pretty much every spring and soaks the many trees along the walkway. Then, if the floodway is opened or as summer naturally comes, the water recedes and the trees dry out.

This soaking and drying has smoothed and sculpted both living and dead trees along the walkway. The roots in the featured photo above, and in the one just below, resemble an octopus.

The trunk below seems to have a heart.

Over the years the rough bark on dead trees is worn down by the water.

There are a variety of natural sculptures along the walkway.

The contrast between the bark and the smooth spots is lovely.

6 Replies to “Soaked and Dried”

  1. The riverbank always is amazing My godson took us on a tour this Sept. on his pontoon boat on the Red from the north perimeter to the Legislature. Love the mix of gray dead trees, trunks angling over the water the changing leaves.

    Thanks 9 treatments down 6 to go !!!

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  2. Wow..very nice attention to the details. Seems like something that one could walk past every day and not even notice until someone/something draws your attention to it 🙂

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