Delicate Lines

There are a variety of trees, mosses, mushrooms, reeds, and flowers along the Brokenhead Wetland Interpretive Trail, which is less than an hour north of Winnipeg. The wooden walkway, seen in the feature photo above, takes you through an ever-changing landscape. I took a lot of photos while there in early September. What really caught my eye were the delicate lines of the hardy flora that somehow survives the seasonal changes: spring flooding, super hot dry summer days, thunderstorms, strong winds, crisp fall temperatures, and snowy cold harsh winters.

There were many different types of trees stretching past one another to reach the sky.

Thin reeds angled up and mingled with white flowers that seemed to hover like butterflies in the breeze.

A mix of living and dead reeds shared their subtle yellows and greens.

Thick clumps of grass swept back and forth before choosing what direction to fall when the wind settled.

And some grasses stretched out, as though protecting the star-shaped plants below them.

Then we turned and walked back and saw it all again, from another angle, in a different light.

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