Part 2 – Where I Grew Up – The Woods Along Lake Winnipeg

This is the forest area where I grew up in Victoria Beach, Manitoba, Canada. It’s near the sand cliffs along Lake Winnipeg.

The ground in the between the trees is covered with moss and lichens.

There’s a mix of fir, spruce, aspen, jack pine and birch. We would sometimes gather strips of birchbark and use it like paper.

I remember a forest fire up here, northwest of our house, when I was a child. We gathered up blankets and sat on the beach to wait it out, just in case.

There seems to be more deadfall than I remember.

We knew where to find the pink lady’s slippers in the spring every year. They were always in the exact same spot. 

We picked blueberries south of here, where there were more jack pines and grasses.

These look like deer trails through the forest.

We used dead trees and branches, along with fresh fir boughs, to make comfy warm play forts in the winter.

We went for many walks through this forest when I was a child. I also went walking by myself, often singing loudly, alone with nature.

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