Part 1 – Where I Grew Up – The Sand Cliffs on Lake Winnipeg

This is where I grew up—Victoria Beach, Manitoba, Canada—a bit less than an hour and a half drive north from Winnipeg—on the shores of the Lake Winnipeg.  A couple of friends and I went out there two weeks ago and I took photos, of course. 

My family lived about a five minute walk south of these sand cliffs. That’s on the east side of the peninsula of Victoria Beach, which pokes out into the southeast end of Lake Winnipeg.  The lake is huge, like an inland sea, and the wind, water levels, and ice build up have changed the cliffs and beaches over the years. 

The cliffs were steeper when I was young, before high water and waves ate away their feet, pulling trees down onto the beach below. Here are views from the top of the main cliff, today.

When I was young we ran and somersaulted down these cliffs without fear. Now, I take my time fearing for my knees.

Back when I was a child, the beaches here were sandy, with few stones, and sand bars stretched way out into the water. They’ve changed, but are still beautiful.

Below are photos of the main cliff taken from the beach.

Here’s a panorama of the beach.

When you’re standing at the bottom of the cliff you know you’ll be out of breath when you make it back to the top.

I took the photos below while I rested halfway up.

I made it! Here’s a parting shot.

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