Hanging Out With Hollyhocks

Hollyhocks are the perfect flower for a back lane. They’re big and hardy and beautifully coloured. They distract your eye from the broken glass, potholes, and litter. I love walking or cycling down back lanes to find photo opportunities and there’s nothing better than finding beauty in a back lane parking lot.

Sometimes people don’t like hollyhocks because they’ve had bad experiences with them in their front yards or near main doors. They do tend to takeover like a weed and wasps seem to like them a bit too much. If you’re one of those people, I do hope these photos will convince you that they can work around the back. 

Hollyhocks are big enough to provide some cooling shade for basement windows.

Look at these colours!

And even in black & white or silvertone they look fine.

Have I convinced you that hollyhocks are beautiful?

10 Replies to “Hanging Out With Hollyhocks”

  1. I was already convinced, and love hollyhocks–so huge and vivid and generous. Lovely photos here, showing them from original angles. Also, “finding beauty in a back lane parking lot” gives me an idea for a future series. Maybe another one from you too?

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