The Same Bit of Sky

I rode my bike to McNally Robinson Booksellers for a curb-side pickup, the other day. It was a nice cool morning for a change and I got there a few minutes before they opened. The sky was cloudless at that time, clear blue, and while waiting I thought about how quickly a Manitoba prairie sky can change. As I cycled home I decided that would be my blog topic this week.

I got home at about 10:30 am, went out onto my west-facing balcony, and took the first shot. Then I went out every half hour or forty minutes until about 9:30pm. I stood in the same spot to take all the photos. I didn’t edit them much—just let the sky be.

First the sky went from clear blue to wispy clouds.  

Then the clouds really started to pop up and move about.

They built up and calmed down.

The clouds darkened, blocking out the sun, and it rained some.  

Things settled and light yellowed the sky. The clouds changed and shifted.

The sun sank. The clouds fractured, fluffed, and dwindled into the night. 

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