Just Down the Street

It’s summer now—really hot and humid in Winnipeg—so I’m feeling a bit lazy. I wandered slowly in my neighbourhood and took a few photos. An old house is now gone, but the developers, making what will likely be condos on the property, had to save the gate. I’ve always loved the balls capping the gate’s pillars.

Further along the street there are some Japanese tree lilacs.

The boulevard is very green.

The caraganas reminded me of how, when I was small, we used pretend the seed pods were beans or peas as we played at cooking.

The sidewalk looks better for the plants hanging over a little in the sunlight.

And then it’s time to go home for a summer nap.

2 Replies to “Just Down the Street”

  1. Brought back memories of Whytewold Rd where I grew up. Across the street my friend Gloria’s front yard was all caragana hedge except the driveway & path to their front door. My Mom had Lily of the Valley’s planted along our driveway and a white lilac tree in the backyard !!!!

    Thanks  K Joan      Day 17  

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