Shadows Shake-up the Mundane

A couple of weeks ago, I went out taking photos early in the morning. I usually write first and then go walking or riding my bicycle, which is when I take photos. One benefit of early morning photography is seeing the lovely long shadows when the sun is low in the sky. Shadows that certainly shake-up the mundane concrete sidewalks. And the old couch (in the feature photo above) on the boulevard helped, as well.

I wandered along Corydon Avenue in Winnipeg, which normally has lots of pedestrians even early in the day, but it was quiet because of the strange times we live in. So, it was easy to get shadow shots.

This bike rack, when combined with its shadow, almost looked like a heart.

Side street fences, and their still sleeping vines, sketched patterns on the sidewalks.

This solid fence combined with tree branches to create a different look.

A tree shadow painting improved this brick wall.

The plain back of this sign wore these shadows well.

And we finish with the lacy shadows of some more delicate branches just beginning to bud. Nothing mundane about this.

14 Replies to “Shadows Shake-up the Mundane”

  1. Interesting Louella! The couch took my eye. Students in Dunedin NZ often have an old couch on the verandah of their flat and sometimes they get taken into the street during parties and maybe even burned tsk tsk. It’s a bit of a thing. But your couch is a ‘posh’ looking couch!

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    1. Yes, Liz, it was a fancy couch. In the summer months there are set days when you can put things on the curb for people to take away. Often people put “Free” signs. But you must take them back into your place at night if they are still there. It has not happened this year because of COVID, and this photo was taken early in the morning. So, I don’t know what happened. 😊

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