Staples and Bits of Paper

Posters advertising concerts, art shows, plays, and various other local events are common in the Osborne Village area of Winnipeg. I often see people stapling or taping them up. On other days I see people armed with utility knives stripping them down. Then they start building up again and so it goes. 


Lately, with events being cancelled as we stay home and social distance, all that remains are the staples and bits of paper. But these staples and bits of paper have become their own kind of art in my eyes.



The remnants represent the history of hundreds of events and thousands of people.



I like the combination of bike rack and bulletin board.

I like the use of hydro utility poles.



And this streetlight pole, just north of the Osborne Bridge, has managed to hang onto a few posters.


I’ll leave you to ponder this wild looking bird.










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