Old and New, Side-by-Side

In my neighbourhood they’re tearing down a lot of old houses/buildings and replacing them with new apartment buildings or condos. It makes me sad, not because I always hate new architecture, but because I love the old buildings. 

I’m sorry to see the beauty and history disappear, often within in a day or two. Sometimes I’ll walk past a gaping hole between two old houses or buildings and I can’t remember what was there before. The next thing I know a new place has appeared.

I started taking photos of the old and the new, side by side. It’s a way for me to remember the old, but also to acknowledge that the combination of old and new is okay—sometimes together they are really striking. 





And old and new can often reflect well on one another.





Diversity is a good thing, not just with with people or plants, with buildings, too.





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