In the Distance

I tend to stay calm when things go crazy, I try to keep a realistic perspective, and do what needs to be done. Then, when it’s all over, I get a headache or snap at people or some of the hair at my temples will fall out. 


So, at this time, when some are anxious, I’m calmly sorting through my photos and selecting ones that show some perspective. Like this one, seen above, showing the gravel road out near my parent’s old place. It reminds me that spring will soon come.

And then summer, as seen in this photo of Dad and little Cloudy the Earless Cat.



I’m thinking that, down the road or sidewalk, things will have settled down and it’ll be okay. Like in the shots below, selected from a project in which I took photos of the same tree on the grounds of the Manitoba Legislative Building for a year. By the way it’s the smaller tree, in the photo directly below, hanging over the sidewalk.






We might be stuck inside more than usual, but there’s still beauty to be seen.



Let’s try to keep things in perspective. Here’s a classic train track shot, a bit wobbly, but still going somewhere.



There are interesting and beautiful things up over those stairs…


…or down the street and in the distance.






And sometimes, if things get to be a bit much, you can walk away—take a break and get perspective.




16 Replies to “In the Distance”

  1. Thanks Louella fo those perspectives. Very inspiring as usual. We need them right now. Time to writte I have now, but foggy head and slow motion. Strange thing, the mind. Thanks for sharing. Perspective for me : visit Vancouver someday ? Take care and hope your friends and loved ones are fine. I will give your link to a friend of my son who is stuck here as we all are. She should be in Vancouver now but everything stopped Love Valérie.

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    1. Yes thanks Louella, luckily we are fine stuck as we are all but fine. Gym everyday though , fit like never. Writing a few stuff about the event. I’ll translate one for you.

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  2. I’m like you, Louella. I do fine in a crisis but don’t feel the effects until afterward. Today’s blog post is a great reminder of the need for perspective and you illustrated it beautifully.
    Thanks for this,

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