Even If You’re Busy, There’s Time to Look at the Sky

I’ve been working to meet a deadline to revise my book manuscript for the publisher’s editor, so I don’t have much time to be super creative for this week’s blog. Hmmm, maybe I’ll share some sky shots from about four or five years ago, what the heck! 

I live on the prairies where the sky is a big deal because you can see so much of it. The feature photo above is an almost biblical shot taken from my balcony at sunset. The photo below is classic prairie sky out near my parent’s old place near East Selkirk, Manitoba. 



And this shot was taken at Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg.



The clouds were building up to something in this photo taken from my balcony.



I took this pano with my iPhone in Edmonton.



Here are a couple of typical Winnipeg streetlight-sky pictures.




This one, a mix of branches, buildings, clouds, and blue blue sky, was taken just down the street from my place.



I’ll leave you with some calming pastel-sunset cloud shots.

And remember, even if you’re busy, there’s time to look up at the sky






4 Replies to “Even If You’re Busy, There’s Time to Look at the Sky”

  1. À wonderful collection of sky photos Louella. I have accumulated similar pictures over the years. I should share some as well at some point in the near future

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