This Time of the Year

I keep things pretty low key at this time of the year—the holiday season—for a number of reasons. I could talk about commercialization or my lack of religion, etc., but it’s mainly because with all the hype we can forget that it’s not a happy time for many people.


Throughout my teaching career I taught a lot of teenagers and it was very common, when we returned to classes after the break, for kids to tell me they were happy to be back. It wasn’t because they missed reading and writing in my class or my exciting geography and history lessons. Or my stupid jokes. For some it was because they were bored at home without their friends or crushes. But for many the season wasn’t a happy time, whether it was poverty, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, or violence in their home. So I never went crazy with decorations—kept it simple.


Even so, there are things that we can enjoy at this time of the year, no matter our take on the season. Like the beauty of the lights. So, I went through my photo files and picked some of my faves.

I’m not a big fan of high-rises, but the lights sure do dress them up.



The lights below can be found in some of the the elms in my neighbourhood all year round. They do look a little spooky during the day, but I like that.




These lights below, in downtown Winnipeg, provide some interest when you’re waiting for a bus.




Some of you might remember my photo story series featuring Plump Cow, who sadly met her demise on a photoshoot at Confusion Corner in Winnipeg. Here she is sitting on my star lamp a few years ago. 


I do hope you enjoy this time of the year.


12 Replies to “This Time of the Year”

  1. Hi! I’ve got a bit behind on reading posts but I enjoy that your writing and photos are always a little bit off-beat, a different perspective. Like the post you did on lights where one light in a group isn’t working .. that made quite an impression on me. Thanks for your blogging and I hope you’ll continue through 2020 because I look forward to your posts 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoy the posts. I also enjoy reading your posts from NZ. It’s nice to see what’s happening in the opposite season on the other side of the world. Happy 2020 to you. 😊


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