Burnt Out Everywhere

At first I didn’t take these types of photos on purpose. Without me realizing it, the featured photo above, of the beautiful ceiling in Wesley Hall at the University of Winnipeg, just happened to feature a burnt out light. But I liked this accident, a side benefit, if you will.

The same thing happened again, across from the Millennium Library in downtown Winnipeg.

IMG_0526 2


Then I started keeping my eyes open for burnt out lights. Here’s an unlit trio, in front of the reflection of a lit trio, at Stradbrook & Osborne.



Beauty can be enhanced by a flaw, like on a foggy January morning at the grounds of the Manitoba Legislative Buildings. 



I often see burnt out lights at the chain coffee shop near my home. They make the place more interesting.




I was trying for shots of the moon, that you can see as a dot in the sky, when I spotted this one.



And this burnt out light was perfect between a blur of traffic and a bus.


Once you start looking for something, you find it almost everywhere.


14 Replies to “Burnt Out Everywhere”

    1. Thanks. Yes, I lucked out the day I took the legislature fog shots. I woke up and was about to roll over and go back to sleep. Then I looked out the widow and saw January fog. Got up and grabbed camera. 🙂


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