My Shoes Aren’t Sexy

The other day, while doing breath exercises before starting my tai chi routine, I looked over at my newish around-the-house flip-flops (seen in the feature photo above). They were lounging on the living room floor. Of course, this meant I had to grab my camera before I’d be able to refocus on the tai chi.


Once I had the camera in hand, it was too late, I was taking shots of all my shoes. It seems that, including sandals, runners, clogs, boots, and a pair of slippers, there are twenty-one pairs.


I’m sharing the coloured shoes in coloured photos and the black in black & white. 


You’ll notice the pairs are always close together, the way I’ve always left shoes since I was a child wandering the house to make sure pairs were pushed together—never alone. Those of you who know me well are aware of my personification issues, haha. 


In the past I owned more unique heels and odd boots, but hobbling around with a knee injury from a fall on a bus (and years later from a slip on ice) changes your attitude toward shoes—I go for comfort now. 


I walk and ride a bike, a lot, so I choose shoes that work for that.

I live in Winnipeg in the winter, so good boots and a pair of warm slippers are necessary.

I live in Winnipeg in the summer, so a selection of sandals is a must.

And I live in Winnipeg in spring and fall, so easy-to-kick-off clogs are needed.


And I’ll admit that I’ve been terribly remiss about keeping my shoes clean and polished.

But I’m still attached to them all.


4 Replies to “My Shoes Aren’t Sexy”

  1. They all look wonderfully comfortable and as though adventures have been had in them. Do you cycle in winter in Winnipeg? (I am a fair weather cyclist only here in St. John’s but I walk as much as possible and occasionally ski the rest of the year.)

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