Bannock Point Petroforms

The week before last, we visited Whiteshell Provincial Park, a few hours northeast of Winnipeg. It’s in the Canadian Shield region of Manitoba, filled with numerous lakes, trees, rocky outcrops, wildlife, and views. 

One of the most interesting, peaceful and meditative areas of the park is Bannock Point, where you can view petroforms. The featured photo above shows my favourite figure, which looks like a horse, to me.



The petroforms are rock figures and patterns laid out on the bedrock, by Anishinabe and other Indigenous peoples, in what is believed to be prehistoric times. It is an area for ritual teachings and healing. To show respect, ceremonial offerings (coins, tobacco, cloth) are often left on site.



There are no set interpretations of the patterns and figures, they can be understood in many different ways. So enjoy, and I hope you find your own meaning from the photos below.















And here, again, is my favourite. To me, a wonderful horse on the sunshiny bedrock.


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