At the Surface

We often only see what’s at the surface, whether it’s with people, nature, photos, or writing. Sometimes we’re scared or too busy to take the time to look more deeply. Also, things get in the way and camouflage what’s underneath. Other times, like in the featured photo above, life pokes its way through and can’t be ignored.

Last summer, I took a bunch of photos out at Oak Hammock Marsh in Manitoba. I’ve shared many of them in other posts and on other social media. Here, I’m sharing some taken from the docks, looking out at the marshy water where there’s so much going on—so much at and just below the surface. 

Plants like these break right out and reach way up for the sky.



Sometimes we have to ignore waves or the reflected sky and peer through the water to see what’s down below.




Other refections can’t help but catch our eyes and it’s okay to linger.



Dead plants can be as beautiful as the living.




And a combination is good, too.



Creating relationships takes time and energy. The same holds true for taking photos that go deeper or to produce written pieces that get down below the surface.


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