Balcony Panoramas

The prevailing winds come from the northwest in Manitoba, so the weather tends to come from that direction, too. My balcony faces west. I can step out there, look around and decide whether or not I’ll need a raincoat when I head out on my bicycle.


But usually I step out there just to enjoy the view.


While I’m on the balcony, it’s too easy to take a panorama shot with my iPhone.


And sometimes I get a little silly with it.


Because silly can be good for you.


6 Replies to “Balcony Panoramas”

    1. Yes😀. It was quiet that day. I’ll have to try it again next time I see an animal back there. However, pets aren’t allowed in our building, except for the ones grandfathered in from before they put the rule in place and one dog who is a support animal for a woman who suffers from anxiety.


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