My Minimalistic Camera & Desk

It’s July, summer in Winnipeg, so you’d think I’d be outside all the time. Not so! I rarely get colds or flus, but I just got over one. At the same time it’s been so terribly hot and humid in Winnipeg, which means I’ve spent more time indoors then is good for me. And that’s where I’ve been taking photos.


I’d like to show you my camera. I’m very fond of my little inexpensive Canon. I take 99.9% of my photos with it and the rest with my iPhone. I like that my camera can sit lightly in my backpack or swing from my wrist while I walk or ride my bicycle. Making it easy to stop along the way for photo opportunities. 


Photography is really all about the eye. All the fancy equipment in the world can’t get you an interesting shot if you haven’t practiced with your eye. But my camera has a tiny zoom lens that I sometimes wish was a bit more powerful, however, we’ve reached an agreement and we know our limits. Don’t mind working within them.



My desk is pretty simple, as well. I spend a lot of time at it, writing poetry, fiction or creative nonfiction, and editing photos. I won’t share a lot of the mess that accumulates on my desk, today. But I took some minimalistic shots of the things that hang out at the back of it or are normally hidden in its drawers. I’ll let those things speak for themselves.











13 Replies to “My Minimalistic Camera & Desk”

  1. The simple clean lines of these small tools…I think about the minds of their designers. Who first envisioned a paper clip? And then another one? And another one?

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  2. I love your minimalist shots of all of the desk accessories and I totally agree with your take about the importance of the eye in taking a good photo. It is amazing how much people obsess over camera gear. In some cases, gear matters but the majority of the time, almost any camera will do. I also agree that it is best to use your gear a lot so that you understand what it can and cannot do and then work within those boundaries.

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