Crosswalk & Cycle

Maybe it’s just me, but I find it interesting to watch the interaction between people using various modes of transportation. This is likely because I walk, ride a bicycle, use the transit system, and sometimes drive a car I’ve booked through Peg City (a Winnipeg car share organization to which I belong). So, camera in hand, on a foggy morning in Winnipeg, I wandered across the Osborne Bridge to its northern foot.


Like everything else in life, people have different opinions about who should be allowed on streets or sidewalks, when they should be there, and who is at fault if there’s an accident. I’m not going to be discussing that in this post, but if you’re interest you can read this opinion piece I wrote for CBC Manitoba News Online a few years ago.


Now, back to the foggy morning. I was delighted to see a slew of cyclists and pedestrians waiting, at their designated crossing lanes, for the light to change. I love this spot because there are lights, signs, and symbols painted on the pavement—people can easily figure out where they belong. 


When the light changed everyone hurried across, most of them on their way to work, unlike me.





And soon they were all gone.



Then I was distracted by some construction along the sidewalk. But only for a moment…



…because I couldn’t help but enjoy the view beyond it. I hope that lots of other people did, too.


4 Replies to “Crosswalk & Cycle”

  1. I love this post Louella! The trees and the urban scenery softened by the fog, and the contrast of the intersection full of people to the next view when it is almost empty. Joan

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    1. Thank you🙂. I don’t own a car now, but use the Peg City Coop cars when I go to visit my parents. Mom is in a care home Selkirk (an hour north of Winnipeg) and Dad is about 15 minutes out of Selkirk in the country. The rural bus service out here is really bad now and a car is the only way for me to visit them. This is a big problem in western Canada since Grey Hound stopped service, etc.


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