Across the Bridge

Foggy minimalistic shots, taken on the Osborne Bridge in Winnipeg, are perfect for celebrating my first anniversary of blogging. And I’ve managed to post every two weeks. Yay! You could say that I crossed that bridge, eh? Ha ha! 

I especially like to get out early to take photos while other people are heading off to work. On this foggy morning, one man took the time to check out the view.


And the view was worth it.


Then he continued on…


…and was gone.



This woman had things other than the view on her mind.



Look at the type of view she missed.



This guy was looking down at his phone.


He probably didn’t see the skeleton tree hanging out over the river.



But I’m glad I saw it all from across the bridge.


12 Replies to “Across the Bridge”

  1. These fog blog photos remind me of the original movie poster for The Exorcist. Do you remember it? That priest did not want to look too closely at what was coming.

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  2. Beautiful photos, and such a contrast to the photos in the last post. After scrolling through these misty ones enjoying the atmosphere, I went back and forth between the two and thought they could make a great show with the colours on one wall and the misty ones on another. (Foggy here too, by the way. We went out to see icebergs but couldn’t even see them, although we knew they were there!)

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    1. Thanks🙂. I love both as well. Love colour, but the fog softens things into such beauty. I have a small clothesline on one wall of my living room and I add and remove photos as I feel. Right now I have a combo of fog shots and spring green with water droplets. 😀


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